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The Louis Vuitton Diaries: Plentiful Neverfull

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

One of the most popular services that we provide are our Louis Vuitton restorations. Specifically, we are most widely known for replacing the leather on LV Neverfull bags.

The leather quality on a Louis Vuitton is one of the most important and crucial aspects of the bag. They are made with a special, untreated cowhide leather known as vachetta. Unlike other leathers, vachetta is unprocessed, untreated, and therefore has a buttery soft finish.

Over time, this light colored leather used on the handles, trim, and side-straps on the Neverfull oxidizes and darkens to become a beautiful deep brown color. While many love the look of the worn-in leather, it also poses some threats to the bag's condition (including ripping, tearing, and leather-breakage). The bag shown to the left is just one example of this. There are many instances where the handles break in half or the trim starts to crack off.

With our restoration services, we are able to replace the leather with similar quality vachetta leather that has the same color-oxidizing effect that Louis lovers want.

We are also able to replace the trim, handles, and side-straps with brown-leather Neverfull purses. In the photo example to the right, we replaced the brown leather with a more matte finish leather per the customer's request. We are, however, able to provide this service with a finish that resembles the original.

We are also able to accommodate more unique and creative requests, such as replacing the leather with black or another color (such as red or orange).

Other Neverfull services that we are able to provide include interior cleanings and conditioning.

We always recommend a conditioning on any Louis Vuitton to keep the leather moisturized. This will maintain the leather for longer and keep your bag looking healthy, while prolonging the need to replace the leather all-together.

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