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It's All About Customization

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Here at Vince's Village Cobbler, we're not afraid to get creative when it comes to customizing your bags and footwear. Whether a customer comes in with a specific request or they need us to brainstorm a unique fix, we are always up for the challenge.

There are two main types of customization requests that we receive from customers...

1. Want

The first type of customization request that we receive is out of want. With this type, the item could be brand new or an older piece. Often if the item is new, it is bought with the intention of patina services or custom painting. It could also be brought in to be customized for an event (such as a wedding or sweet 16) or to be given as a gift. If the item is older, it has been likely been in the customer's closet for some time and no longer goes with their style. A simple fix for this could be a paint, dye, or color change, or changing a particular design feature.

2. Need

The second type of customization request is born out of necessity. These tend to be more popular among our clients. This is also our personal favorite because it often allows us to get creative and think outside of the box, while also challenging our expertise. This customization is often necessary in order to mask or restore damages made to the customer’s item. This could be a paint job that will mask a stain or a patch that will mask wear and tears. Another reason for a customization could be shoe discomfort, which can be fixed by adding a platform.

As always, the possibilities for customization at our shop are endless! If you are thinking about having a bag, pair of shoes, or accessory customized do not hesitate to DM us on instagram or submit an online evaluation form to see what we can do for you (even if you do not see an example of the service you'd like on our site).

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