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Even if you are not a fan of the Christian Louboutin brand, there is a 99.9% chance you are familiar with their iconic red-painted soles and classic stiletto high-heels. Some of most recognizable and coveted in the industry, Louboutins are often seen as the "crème de la crème" of footwear. What is not as commonly recognized, however, is what goes into maintaining such a beautiful and delicate pair of shoes.

Here at Vince's Village Cobbler, we pride ourselves on being able to not only refurbish, but prevent against future damages that may occur during regular wear. In this particular repair, we took this classic pair of black patent-leather pumps and brought them back to life by replacing the thin, busted heel and adding rubber or "mirror" sole protectors to cover visible wear and prevent future damages.

Different Types of Red Soles Used for This Repair...

1. Leather Half-Soles

The most authentic looking restoration includes adding a new leather half-sole and painting it red. The common problem with this fix is that after only a few steps, the paint will immediately begin to chip and scratch. We often to do not recommend this repair as a long-term solution.

2. Red Mirror Sole Guards

The most popular option amongst customers is applying a red mirror sole guard on top of the damage. This is a great long-term solution. The rubber not only adds traction whilst walking, but does not scratch or fade.

3. Red Vibram Sole Guards

Vibram sole guards are another type of red rubber sole guard that can be placed over the wear and tear. Like the mirror soles, these are a great long-term solution as they do not fade or scratch. Along with this, they add even more traction due to their treaded texture.

Want to learn more about what the process of re-crafting such a delicate pair of shoes looks like? Watch the video below, where we partnered with Art Insider to give you an exclusive step-by-step 👀

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