Quick Ship Feature

Customers can use this feature to quickly and simply send us their goods without having to wait for a quote. Once the item(s) arrive, we will begin working on them based on the instructions made by you.

Once all of the work is complete, you will be sent an invoice via email where you can quickly and easily process the payment. Once the payment is processed, your item(s) will be shipped back out to you.

This is recommend for people who know exactly what services they need, or returning customers.

Step 1. Pack your items in a box

Use a box that can properly secure the items you will send for repairs.

You can include any notes you might have for the repair as well.

Step 2. Get your free shipping label

Click the button below to get your free UPS shipping labels.

You will be redirected to our UPS portal.

Once done, print your labels and attach them to the outside of your box.

Step 3. Drop off your box at a UPS location

Visit the UPS site to check drop-off locations near you.

Once we receive your items, we will reach out to you with the next steps.


If you decide to ship us your items and choose not to go forward with our services, please expect to pay a $20 processing fee in order for us to return your items.

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